CPAG Board Member in the News

Last month, CPAG Board of Directors member Marilyn Kal-Hagan was awarded a 2012 “Outstanding Volunteer” award by Capitol Hill United Neighbors (CHUN).

Marilyn’s award was for her work on the Annual July 4th Cheesman Park Kids’ Bike Parade, which is organized by the Cheesman Park Advocacy Group.  Marilyn has headed up the effort for several years.

Congratulations, Marilyn!

Here’s a link to the CHUN newsletter, the Urban Dweller, which lists all the 2012 Good Neighbor Award Winners.



Our “Old News”

We’re blogging our news now, but we wanted to keep our “Old News,” below:

Last Auto-Free Day in the Park for 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012 was 2012’s last Auto-Free Day in the Park.  People came out to enjoy cycling, walking, running, and playing, without cars in Cheesman Park.  For future Auto-Free Days, remember: If you need to drive to get to the park, parallel street parking is always available along the south perimeter of the park on 8th Avenue on Sundays.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Affected Cheesman Park September 22

Sports Authority Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, which benefits the Prostate Cancer Foundation, was Saturday, September 22, 2012.  Some of the roads in and around Cheesman Park were temporarily closed that day for the race.  For complete information, check out the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon website.

Annual July 4th Cheesman Park Kids’ Bike Parade

The 2012 Annual CPAG July 4th Cheesman Park Kids’ Bike Parade was a success!  The fun included bike decorating, face painting, balloon artists, a caricature artist, the Mile High Freedom Marching Band, police on horseback, a fire truck, Uncle Sam, and, new this year, a bicycle stunt performance!

Denver Steps Up Enforcement of Leash Law Violations in City Parks

The City and County of Denver departments of Parks and Recreation and Environmental Health issued a press release on May 15 about the stepped-up enforcement of leash law violations in Denver’s parks, including Cheesman Park. Click here for the press release.

Summer 2012 Auto-Free Days in the Park are the SECOND Sundays of the Month

For Summer 2012, the Auto-Free Days in Cheesman Park are the second Sundays of the months of May through September. Click here for the YourHub article.

Botanic Gardens Cheesman Gate Renovation

The design of the renovated West Entrance to the Denver Botanic Gardens (at the east side of Cheesman Park) is by Mundus Bishop Design. A new gate, and new landscaping on both sides of the gate (Cheesman Park and the Botanic Gardens), are included in the project. The gate will allow access to the Gardens by neighbors to the west for concerts and other events. For regular Gardens hours, a key fob or smart card will open the gate automatically to members who pay a small additional fee ($10-$15). It will be monitored by camera and will electronically register who’s coming through. This is exciting news for Cheesman Park, and for Botanic Gardens members who live on the west side of the Gardens!

2011 Wine & “Cheesman” Fundraiser for CPAG a Success

The 2011 Wine & “Cheesman,” a Celebration of Cheesman Park Revitalization, was a success. The fundraiser event was held at the home of Councilwoman Jeanne Robb on October 6, 2011, and was attended by about 130 people. The event was designed to celebrate the Park improvements made to date, to outline future efforts, and to raise funds for the work of CPAG. Good food and drink and a silent auction helped to make it a great event. Thank you to everyone who attended, donated, or contributed in any way!

CPAG in the News: 2011 Cheesman Park Fourth of July Kids’ Bike Parade Attracted about 1,000 Participants!

Denver CBS News 4 was there. Click here for the news report.

CPAG in the News: Annual Cheesman Park Fourth of July Kids’ Bike Parade

The fifth annual, CPAG-sponsored Cheesman Park Fourth of July Kids’ Parade was held on Monday, July 4th, 2011. The parade was open to all children and their accompanying adults (with or without bikes, trikes, wagons, or strollers).

Bagpipers, the Denver Police Mounted Patrol, a Denver Fire truck, and the Mile High Freedom Marching Band joined in the parade. Face painting, a balloon artist and a caricaturist added to the free fun.

CPAG in the News

DeAnne Minner has been published in Life on Capitol Hill again! Click here for the link to the online version of DeAnne’s article about summer events in Cheesman Park in Life on Capitol Hill. Click here for the text of the article.

Auto-Free Sundays Were Back Again in 2011

We started off the summer with a great Auto-Free Sunday in the Park on May 1. Again this year, park roads were closed to vehicular traffic from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the first Sunday of the month, May through September.

Cheesman Pavilion Restoration Project

The historic Cheesman Pavilion repair and preservation project started construction April 1, 2011. This work was funded with $150,000 in Better Denver Bond funds, and a $195,000 grant from the State Historic fund. The scope of the work included stone and mortar repair and related work.

Several of the marble stones were replaced with marble from the historic quarry in Marble, Colorado, the original source of the marble for the Pavilion. Mechanical ventilation and electrical code upgrades for the basement were included in this project. Selective repairs to the foundations were made. This project focused on the most urgent and critical areas of the building, primarily the roof balustrade and cornice. However, preservation work should be undertaken on other areas within five to ten years. Sealing and repairing the roof membrane was completed in a related project in 2010.

Leash Law Press Conference at Cheesman Pavilion

It’s against the law to have a dog off-leash at Cheesman Park.

The Denver Police Department, Denver Animal Care and Control, and Denver Parks and Recreation teamed up to inform the community about growing concerns around leash law violations in the City and County of Denver. Topics discussed at the press conference on March 22, 2011 included the laws and penalties, as well as the liabilities one could face, for violating the leash law, and neighborhood dog parks locations. The speakers at press conference were District 6 Commander Tony Lopez, Sgt. Aaron McSpadden from Animal Care and Control, and Carol Walker, Executive Director Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association/CAAT.

Click here for the press release.

Several CPAG Board Members Honored by CHUN (Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods)

Three CPAG Board Members, and the spouse of CPAG’s President, were presented with 2010 CHUN Good Neighbor Awards on January 6, 2011. Kathleen and Jay Rust received the Parks and Public Spaces Award for their tireless advocacy for Denver’s parks, including, but not limited to, Cheesman Park. Cindy Sestrich and Liz O’Sullivan both received Outstanding Volunteer Awards for their work for their neighborhood, West Cheesman Park, during Denver’s rewriting of its Zoning Code. Click here to read the Denver Post YourHub article about the 2010 CHUN Good Neighbor Awards.

The Latest Construction in the Park

The park perimeter irrigation and trails construction projects have been completed. Cheesman Park now has a fully renovated irrigation system and an upgraded pedestrian walks and trails system.

Photos of our Events

To view photos of the 2010 CPAG Fourth of July Kids’ Bike Parade, click here. Password: cpag

Help Protect and Preserve Cheesman Park Landmarks

Skateboards cause serious damage to the Pavilion’s marble floors and stairs. Skateboarding in and around the Cheesman Park Pavilion is prohibited, as indicated by the on-site signage. Marble, despite its reputation as a durable construction material, is soft stone, and skateboard wheels, which are made of hard plastic, leave scratches and pits in the marble of the Pavilion.

People and dogs who get into the Cheesman Park Fountains cause maintenance and health issues. They leave behind dirt, oils, and hair, which dirty the water and clog the nozzles and filters of the fountains. Sometimes excrement is even found in the fountains. Cleaning the fountains’ filters, nozzles, and water is time-consuming and expensive, and requires the shutting down of the fountains during cleaning.

Please click here to read the full text of DeAnne Minner’s article about these, and other endangered Cheesman Park Landmarks.

Construction in Cheesman Park

The work recently completed was funded by the 2007 Better Denver bond issue, and makes up part of the Cheesman Park Master Plan. These improvements include the installation of raised pedestrian crosswalks, additional stop signs, improvements to the interior park trails, and the replacement of the irrigation system in the middle of the park, improvements to the perimeter trails and perimeter irrigation.

CPAG in the News

Articles about CPAG and Cheesman Park have been published in the local publication Life on Capitol Hill:

DeAnne Minner wrote an article in Life on Capitol Hill’s September 2010 issue about Cheesman Park’s Landmarks. Click here for the text of this article.

Click here for the link to the May 2010 article on the Life on Capitol Hill website. Click here for the text of the May 2010 article.

Click here for the link to the May 2009 article on the Life on Capitol Hill website. Click here for the text of the May 2009 article.

Stay Safe!  Do you jog or walk in Cheesman Park?  Click here for safety tips.