New Trees in Cheesman Park

The age of many of the trees within Cheesman Park, combined with years of drought conditions and times of strong winds, have taken their toll.  Replacing downed trees (planting for the future) is challenging.  Last fall, the Park People Mile High Tree Champion Program worked with Michael Swanson (Denver Parks & Recreation, Forestry Superintendent), Leo Darras (Denver Parks & Recreation, Operations Supervisor), and Chase Bank volunteers, to plant 25 new trees in the park.  The new trees are between 11th Avenue on the east side, extending around the northeast corner to Gilpin Street.  The trees were funded by a donation from Chase Bank.

This spring, Starbucks is supporting Cheesman’s tree replacements, around other areas of Cheesman, with an additional 48 plantings, including the following species:  Redmon Linden, Tulip Tree, Cucumber Magnolia, Red Bud, Red Crabapple, White Oak, and Chinkapin Oak.  Planting is scheduled for May 2nd, 9:00 am –12:00 noon, by 150 Starbucks volunteers.  Special thanks go to Tina Myers (Denver Parks and Recreation, Parks and Planning) for working to make this happen.

Parks and Recreation was recently notified that students from Warren Village also would like to plant five trees in Cheesman this year.  The date of this planting effort is to be determined.

Sometime this spring, an additional planting of trees by the Parks and Recreation Department will take place in Little Cheesman (the Cheesman Esplanade) and will include 30-35 trees, including the following species: Red Oak, Giant Sequoia, Downy Hawthorn, and Accolade Elm.

This is an excerpt from the latest update from Neighbors and Friends For Cheesman Park (NFFCP), a registered neighborhood organization.  CPAG (the Cheesman Park Advocacy Group) and NFFCP have overlapping interests and some overlapping membership.  For more information about NFFCP, contact Jay Rust at .

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