Support Cheesman Park by supporting CPAG

by DeAnne Minner

Ten years ago Cheesman Park was seedy, to put it politely. Summertime grass was mottled brown, if not bare dirt. Off-leash dogs ran unrestrained in the meadows, making even dog-lovers cringe. The fountains didn’t run because the concrete basins were spalling badly. The rose gardens were untended and deteriorating. No one was standing up for the park or urging the City to address these issues, so Councilwoman Jeanne Robb formed CPAG. After almost a decade of planning and facilitating between City officials and the community, CPAG has been instrumental in helping Cheesman Park undergo a sea change. Today the park is home to lush grounds and has more park users than ever.

The 2010 master plan recommendations have been implemented, and additional improvements are made as the City’s time and budget permit. CPAG continues to advocate for park needs, but as a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, it depends on volunteer labor and charitable donations to operate. Community contributions to CPAG have been used to fund and dedicate a memorial park bench, replace broken sprinkler heads, and improve the safety and appearance of west-side park entrances off 10th and 11th Avenues. Most recently, CPAG facilitated undergrounding power lines on the east side of the park — a monumental task now being completed. Repairs to the pavilion are next in line.

Please support your park by supporting CPAG. For a donation of $15, $5 of which is tax-deductible, you will receive a gift box containing five note cards featuring photographs taken by Cheesman Park resident Greg Sorensen. Two options are available:

  1. Seasonal Cheesman Park views including the pavilion, fountains and linden allee
  2. Close-ups of roses in various colors and stages of bloom from the Cheesman Park Rose Gardens

A PDF document showing Greg Sorensen’s photos is attached to this posting.

Send check or money order payable to the Cheesman Park Advocacy Group (CPAG) c/o DeAnne Minner at 1201 Humboldt St., Denver, CO 80218. Include a notation showing the number of boxes of each variety you desire along with your name, mailing address and phone number. For example: 5 boxes park views and 2 boxes roses = $15×7 = $105 (total check amount). CPAG will send you a receipt reflecting your $5/box donation — in this case, $35.

Please don’t delay. We hope to receive your order by Monday, October 10.

Donations in addition to or in lieu of cards are always welcome and will be receipted at full value. Proceeds of this fundraiser will enable CPAG to continue serving the Cheesman Park community. Many thanks to those who value this park enough to help sustain it.



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